Rosemary Beland - BMUS, AVCM.

The Hammer Dulcimer is an instrument whose history has been lost in the mists of time. Centuries old, it is mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible, where even then it was recognized as an ancient instrument. Along with the harp and psaltery, the dulcimer evolved into the harpsichord, and eventually into our modern piano.

Rosemary Beland is a classically trained musician whose inborn love of Celtic music shapes and channels her explorations of this enchanting instrument. Her repertoire spans the centuries from medieval times to the modern day.

Rosemary has been playing Hammer Dulcimer since she first fell under its spell at a Celtic dance workshop in Ashland, Oregon in 1982. Since then she has performed throughout B.C. and the Pacific Northwest in settings ranging from simple country gardens to majestic castles. In 1994 Rosemary had the great privilege to play for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll on her Royal Visit to Victoria.Her lovely music can be heard on the sound track for "The Stone of Destiny" directed by Charles Martin Smith.

Selections from her three Compact Disc recordings "The Tinker's Wedding", "Winterborne", and "Forgotten Centuries" have been aired on many Canadian and American radio stations. These albums now enjoy International distribution by Tandem Music Vancouver.

Rosemary studied the Concert Harp with Kathryn Ely at the University of Victoria, obtaining a Bachelor of Music Degree (Harp Performance with Distinction) in 2008. She performs for the UVic Symphony, the Civic Orchestra of Victoria and private functions as well continuing to teach piano, harp and hammer dulcimer.

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